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The company of notebooks and notebooks of Monterrey, Corp. of C.V. I begin their activities in Monterrey N.L. April 22 of 1946 under the social reason of NOTEBOOKS And NOTEBOOKS, R.L and being found for Don Abelardo Martínez and the Mr. Manuel of the Heron, being devoted to the production, lined and [encuadernación] of notebooks and notebooks and for sale of the same, being their first home in the street of Bending Not. 314 Nte. and having two people in their plant [reproductiva]. as well as a [rayadora] of feathers marks Hickok, which lined the paper on one hand, turned you and put again in order to line side, a Boston [cocedora] 4 and a guillotine [chandler] in the second.

Meanwhile, the world tried to live in peace, I/he/she/it/you consolidated the integration of the countries and I/he/she/it/you to the UN began to work like guarantee in order to preserve the peace in the world, likewise, I/he/she/it/you began what he/she/it/you at last knew each other like the cold war, mainly between the most powerful of that time: capitalism and socialism.

In Mexico I/he/she/it/you would give beginning the [sexenio] of the Lic.Miguel German Valdéz, period in which they carried out big works, like the university city in the federal district and they consolidated the foundations for the progress of the country, mainly in the industrial field.

Monterrey also began their industrial development and in the trade, since sources of work opened up, upon feeling the investors for the economy [regiomontana].

In a lapse of one and a half year increases the demand of the products and there was necessity of enlarging changing it to a bigger place in the street of the edge 315 north and remaining there for a space of 8 years and where specialized machinery was acquired and occupying 30 people in their plant and having a prestige well livestock.

In that lapse the Sr.Manuel of the Heron upon retiring of the company he/she/it/you gave their actions to Don Abelardo Martínez January two of 1960 is constituted the company with the social reason of notebooks and notebooks, Corp. and already in their current home in Reformation ote.1475 and you/he/she/it are begun a time of peak.

January 5 of 1970 is constituted like Notebooks and Notebooks of Monterrey, Corp., since in it is time I/he/she/it/you was had another plant in to the Mexico City, whose name was Notebooks and Notebooks from Mexico, Corp. and which hard up to 1990.

In 1974 The Secretary of Industries and Trade begins to request that they register the effective lists in all the companies with all the prices and discounts of the articles that they took place, ending in a control of prices of all the products in the year of 1976 and that hard up to 1991, lapse in which they register national level 36 makers of notebooks and final l of the same, alone they remained 6 makers of the same.

There also was that find out the evaluation (of a parity of $25.00 for dollar to a parity of $150.00 for dollar) and that of the 94 between another. as well as of the 91 to the date the birth of a series of companies that upon changing the economic parameters they were born and they are growing inside the national market; like I/he/she/it/you to the knock down the free trade from tariffs barriers to the [globalizar] to our country in the frame of the been.